Saturday, July 14, 2007

Hook Clutch

I've been carrying more and more hooks around and my bag and therefore losing them all over the place, travesty!... what to do? A clutch was definitely in order. A necessity for any hooking person.

Download the pdf here.

Now this is for the hookers, but next week I have something in the works for the ones with poky sticks. So this is kind of a two parter just to give you a heads up.

Oh I also am particularly fond of it, so I'm going to make some more to put up for sale as well as some kits for it..... Most likely ready in about 2 weeks... or not because that's the weekend of BlogHer... hmm, well I will asap anyway.

I'm going to work on some kits and such tonight and start putting them into the store tomorrow and Monday. I've decided that it's kind of ridiculous to say "I'm going to post in the store every Monday, only on Mondays." I just rarely have more than an hour to sit down and work at it, so I can only get to about 4-6 things at any given time. I think it would work best, for me anyway, to just put things in the shop when I get a chance. I'll always let you know here when I'm all finished, but you can also subscribe to the rss feed so you can see what's new without having to search all over.

Oh and don't forget, sale time this week, buy one get one half off in both the CL shop and my other shop, Green Prairie Fibers. Make sure to check it out!

And Craft Leftovers has it's own email now! horray! so you can email me at! woot!

Well that's all for now folks, keep it crafty and I will see you all later!


krysten said...

this is just the cutest thing! i am definitely going to give this a go. thanks for all the great patterns, i love your blog - your creativity is so inspiring!

Anonymous said...

I just made one of my own, it's so awesome. I'm a novice sewer, and it was nice and easy. And in leftovers fashion, I made it from fabric from an old pair of pj's and fabric and bias tape from an old halloween costume. Now I just need the perfect button.